abigail glass

sf/nyc nude model

NYC: September 2-5DC: September 6-8LA: October 10-13LV: October 14-17Chicago: October 18-22

Your Inglorious Companion

and unfortunate poet

I'm really into peeling off layers of all sorts.

I understand that you might now be thinking about peeling off layers of skin, but I want to clarify I did not mean skin layers. I meant sexy, evocative, only somewhat-painful things, like clothes, social games, and the lies we tell ourselves about who we are.

I want to eat you whole.

I understand that you might now be thinking about cannibalism, but I want to clarify I did not mean literally eating your flesh. I meant something intense and poetic, like experiencing intimacy without limits and without shame.

Honestly, I do my best communication with my body.

The Things I Like

Well-meaning teachers always told me to do what I loved

I'm sort of like a fine wine: full of nuanced flavor, best appreciated by adults, and makes you cry about your life if you have too much.

I like thinking about the relationship of concepts to words, the nature of pain, free will, compassion, and whether a straw has one or two holes. I love entrepreneuring, zen,  the blockchain, violating social norms, and cheese, but preferably not all at the same time.

I'm kink-flexible, I eat vanilla ice cream, and I can touch my toes with my goddamn palms.

You can see more of me in person, in feverish hallucinations, or somewhere hidden in the folds of Playboy.

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Hard numbers

incalls +200
after 5pm +350
extensions +1000/hr


up to 1.5 hours . 1500

St. Helens

2 hours . 1800


3 hours . 2500


4 hours . 3100


6 hours . 4300


14 hours . 7500


The Four Commandments
Waiting for the Second Coming

Please allow my assistant 24 hours to reply to emails. Much like happiness in life, same-day availability is not guaranteed, but you should try anyway.

The Altar

I request a donation of 25% if cancelling less than 36 hours before our encounter, and 50% if cancelling less than 12 hours before our encounter.

Tearing the Veil

Please be prepared to provide two provider references from the last six months (if you're new, inquire about the backup option).
No photos or video, my doctor says I'm shy. For our first meeting, I typically won't go to a private residence.

The Camel and the Needle's Eye

Mentioning the donation ruins the mood. Leave it somewhere visible, or tuck it in a gift.


Who's talking to me in your email?

That's my wonderful assistant, Ada, who keeps my head on straight and my calendar out of the fire.

What cities do you visit?

I'm based in SF, with regular visits to NYC and occasional visits to other US cities such as LA, Las Vegas, DC, or Seattle. If you'd like to be pinged when I visit your city, just email my assistant and ask and she'll nestle you gently into the appropriate mailing list.

What are your current travel plans?

NYC September 2-5
DC September 6-8
LA October 10-13
Las Vegas October 14-17
Chicago October 18-22

Where in SF do you meet?

I live in East Bay, but typically do incalls in downtown SF.
If you also live in East Bay, just let me know so we can avoid both having to get over the damn bridge. Incall fee in East Bay is +200 at all times of day (doesn't increase to 350 after 5pm), if I get to use my favorite hotel.

What's your fly-me-to-you deal?

If you want me to come to you, I will! I require a 3-hour minimum booking, as well as an additional 33% and a request that you cover my business class airfare with my preferred airline. For most places outside of the US, the minimum booking is 6 hours, although doesn't have to be all at once.

Will you enjoy seeing me?

My enjoyment gland is throbbingly huge. If I can enjoy modern art museums, you'll be a breeze.

Will your clothes embarrass me?

Only if you want them to.
Otherwise, though, I tend towards minimalistic and earthy, erring on conservative.

I like your photos, but I'm a numbers guy.

Let me satisfy you.
Height: 5'8" | Waist: 25" | Bra: 32DD | Hips: 38" | Weight: 125lbs
Dress size: 2 | Panty size: Medium | Shoe size: 7 | Ring size: 6.5
Earrings: Hypoallergenic | Star sign: Astrology has no predictive power
Tattoos: None

How do you communicate?

In person! You can reach me through my assistant, and I reserve texting for day-of logistics. Please provide an additional 10% donation for all telepathy.

What's the late policy?

Some wiggle room is fine, we are but mortals. My days are often busy (I run a startup!) and so I can't always accommodate a late ending if we have a late beginning.

What's the deal with tipping?

I don't expect it and will have no bad feelings if you don't! But it can be a useful way to thank me if the experience was friggin fantastic.

I want to get you a material object. What sorts of things do you like?

• Ancient artifacts (the older the better)
• Jimmy Choo shoes
• Cheese and muddy wine
• Exceedingly unusual trinkets
• Chanel purses without visible branding
• Logic puzzle toys
• Flamboyant silk robes
• Really peaty whiskey
• An original M. C. Escher
• Incredibly expensive lingerie, not only because it looks good but because I like the symbolism of wearing sexy money all over my body
• Fossils
• Things I can wear on my head
• Interesting or unusual earrings

How do you feel about women?


I'm new and scared

Do you like being scared? Do you want to be scared more? Can you find enjoyment in the sense of fear?

Website has temporarily moved to abigail-glass.com

It's a soft way down for new friends

If we've met before, email my assistant Ada at abigailglass@protonmail.com

"Looks just like the photos!"

"Like really soothing torture"

"I got into this hobby to get over my fear of death but Abigail did not help at all"

"She's got a great... personality"

"Same price range as a used car but a better ride"

"No limbs missing and smelled fine. 5/5"

Really Dope Friends

Mara Blake

Talia Sable