What Circumstances Were Necessary

I got born with a brain wired for optimism, which has been a pretty fantastic experience, 10/10 would genetically engineer.

My life has been peppered with fun little chapters like "not going to college" and "selling all my bitcoin at $300" and "making my own business (a real one I have to wear clothes at)". I'm now a nude model because I woke up in a body with an insane waist-hip ratio and figured I should do something with it.

I've got good experience witnessing to unbelievers, not cutting my hair, and memorizing hundreds of Bible verses, if you're into the kind of ex-evangelist girl who can give you a sermon on Romans 2 with her clothes off.

I'm sympathetic to self destruction as a byproduct of the search for truth, which sounds very romantic but in practice means something like going 'whoah, man' while staring at a bush for eight minutes. One of my primary goals is learning to think more rationally, despite the fact my third eye is now basically a gaping windsock after having been fucked by the fat cock of the universe one too many times.

Books that have made me cry include the Tao Te Ching, Name of the Wind, Gödel Escher Bach, Permutation City, and Impro.

I'm also NDA-friendly